Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I made this mix for my asian girlfrien initially so this mix is mostly geared towards what she'd like (and hasn't heard yet) and isn't really an all-encompassing portrait of what's going on in Chinese and Taiwanese indie music right now but as a basic primer i think it does a pretty good job. Mostly this is focused upon guitar-and-sometimes-synth-driven indie pop and rock but there's a lot more out there that I'll try to include in later mixes.

Don't read all of that as a dismissal of this mix as halfassed though because it should give you a pretty good idea of what sort of stuff you'd like to hear more of, and you telling me what you want to hear will give me a good idea of more things to post so yeah comment what tracks you like I guess~~

China/Taiwan Indie Primer #1

Tracklist (with rough translations):

1. 赌鬼 (Casino Demon) - Wahaha
2. 声音玩具 (Sound Toy) - 星期天大街 (Sunday Street)
3. P.K.14 - Behind All Ruptures
4. 48V - Sweet
5. 后海大鲨鱼 (Queen Sea Big Shark) - Hello! Passengers
6. 壞女兒 (Bad Daughter) - 我有我的小太陽 (I Have My Tiny Sun)
7. 橙草 (Orangegrass) - 奔跑舞曲 (Running Dance)
8. P.K.14 - How Majestic Is the Night
9. 刺猬 (Hedgehog) - Toy & 6.1
10. 壞女兒 (Bad Daughter) - 酸菇 (Acid Aegerita)
11. 刺猬 (Hedgehog) - 24小时摇滚聚会 (24-hour Rock and Roll Party)
12. 新裤子 (New Pants) - 北海怪兽 (North Sea Monster)
13. Ourself Beside Me - Someone's Love Song
14. 赌鬼 (Casino Demon) - I Love You
15. Carsick Cars - Guang Chang
16. 雀斑 (Freckle) - 朋友之歌 (Friends Song)
17. Monkey Power - Goodbye
18. 刺猬 (Hedgehog) - Apart
19. P.K.14 - 说话的伤口 (Wounds Speak)
20. Carsick Cars - He Sheng