Sunday, July 26, 2009

Marion Brown - Porto Nova (1968)

Dynamic, energetic, slightly melancholic free jazz from one of the genre's finest and sadly most overlooked alto saxophonists. The production on this record is a little weird, mixing Hans Bennink's admittedly excellent drumming ahead of everything else, but the quality of the music more than makes up for it. An oft-ignored classic.

Porto Nova


Here's a cool album (I'm not positive if it's a compilation or not) by an African Guy named Geraldo Pino, who the great Fela Kuti himself cited as an enormous influence and inspiration for his musical output. It shows, you can definitely hear a lot of the elements that would come to make Afrobeat what it was sort of coalescing on Heavy Heavy Heavy. It's generally funky as hell and there's even some psych rocky stuff going on. Even completely disregarding how highly Fela thought of him and its infulence on future music, this is just some killer stuff and a great collection of songs just on its own merit.

Download Heavy Heavy Heavy

Friday, July 24, 2009


hi :)
so theres this guy most of you probably know as superstar dubstep producer The Bug. his name's Kevin Martin. he has a goatee in a lot of his promo pics (see fig. 1). it seems like a lot of ppl dont realize that he's been very prolific through the 90s and early 00s in genres other than (and many that influenced) dubstep. so i decided i'd share some of his other projects w/ yall.


this project has a name that has aged very poorly but it's still cool! people describe it as industrial hip-hop but i think that applies mostly to just the earlier albums which had a very tense, industrial atmosphere. this album, Brotherhood of the Bomb, has really fuckin heavy bass and features collaborators such as Justin Broadrick of Godflesh and Jesu, Vast Aire, and the dudes from Dälek.

[2001] Brotherhood of the Bomb


sick free-jazz-influenced doomy industrial metal. with justin broadrick on guitar and john zorn doin his shit. two albums here: 1992's "Possession", and 1994's "The Anatomy of Addiction". Possession is a lot more droning and sparse, while the tracks on Anatomy of Addiction feel more like songs. if you have even a passing interest in doom metal or jazz metal or heavy industrial shit like Swans, check this out.

[1992] Possession

[1994] The Anatomy of Addiction


ice is like the halfway point between GOD and Techno Animal. lots of hip-hop and dub influence, but with the whole industrial noise shit and heavy sludgy guitars. another very cool project, and once again justin broadrick is a collaborator.

1991 - Under the Skin

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

King Snake Roost - Three Albums

These are the only LPs that KSR released, though they had other tracks on comps and some singles. Australian noise rock band, they ripped out an amazing, pounding sound that easily hangs with the best AmRep stuff (their first two records were released on Abberrant, but then re-released on AmRep, along with their last). From Barbarism to Chrisian Manhood isn't full of truly classic material like the other two records, but still good.

King Snake Roost - From Barbarism to Christian Manhood (1987)

King Snake Roost - Things That Play Themselves (1988)

King Snake Roost - Ground Into Dirt (1989)