Friday, August 7, 2009

all of the moondog i have

here u go mavon:
the quality varies from album to album, i think the lowest is a 128kbps mp3, and most of them are 192/256. if you have a moondog album/ep/live recording/whatever that isnt here, please post it :)
Sax Pax for A Sax
Moondog and His Honking Geese
Moondog On the Streets of New York (1953)
H'art Songs
The Viking of Sixth Avenue
Moondog s/t (1956)
More Moondog/The Story Of Moondog
Moondog s/t (1969)

Monday, August 3, 2009

GREYMACHINE - Disconnected

GREYMACHINE - Disconnected

GREYMACHINE is the new project of justin broadrick of jesu/godflesh/final et al. along with aaron turner from isis and the two other guys from jesu. as gay as that sounds this shit actually owns really fucking hard. honestly this might be some of the best stuff justin's ever put out. this record is every bit as brutal as the early SWANS albums, mixed with some dub and noise influence. listen to the sample track 'vultures descend' on myspace to get an idea of how much this shit rules. and that's not even the best track on the album.

this record has my vote for best of 09 so far.