Thursday, June 25, 2009

warrior queen comp

got this off another blog but its too good not to share. brit dancehall mc warrior queen and a comp of collabs shes done with various producers. you probably heard a few of these tracks before if ur a fan of the bug. ashamedly this is my first time hearing this project of his but tbh they are far from the best tracks on this comp so dont be put off if uve heard those ones before.

shes one tough biatch and very funny. the beats are fuckin crazy. just dl it

1. The Heatwave feat. Warrior Queen - Things Change [Soul Jazz]
02. Skream feat. Warrior Queen - Check It [Tempa]
03. Ladybug feat. Warrior Queen - Dem A Bomb [Soul Jazz]
04. Sarantis feat. Warrior Queen - More Than Money [Senseless]
05. The Bug feat. Warrior Queen - Aktion Pak [Rephlex]
06. Sunship feat. Warrior Queen - Quits (Sinden Remix) [casual]
07. The Bug feat. Warrior Queen - Poison Dart (South Rakkas Crew Remix) [ninja tune]
08. Razor X Productions feat. Warrior Queen - Killer Queen [Rephlex]
09. Pressure feat. Warrior Queen - Money Honey (Remix) [Hyperdub]
10. Sarantis feat. Warrior Queen - Retaliate [Senseless]
11. The Bug feat. Warrior Queen - World War 3 [Rephlex]
12. Sunship feat. Warrior Queen - Almighty Father (Solid Groove Souljah Mix) [casual]

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Laddio Bolocko

Noisey, occasionally dreamy experimental rock. Some songs are almost instantly accesible, but skip around a bit or else the charm of a 30+ minute wave of distortion and percussion might be lost.... Some almost pure noise parts, a lot of jazz influence, and a heck of a lot of summer fun!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Mixtape

I've been making a summer mixtape for a while, but at the rate I am going I will not finish until the summer is over. Here is an old one I made, it did some Dumb Things on it, but I'm still keen on the track selection. blam

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer mixtape

Stealing a friend's mixtape from facebook.

1. Can I Kick It—A Tribe Called Quest
2. Player’s Ball—Outkast
3. Nuthin But A G Thang—Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg
4. Stay Cool—The Roots
5. Hey Zulu—Method Man and Redman
6. Pennies—Cool Kids ft. Ludacris and Bun B
7. The Pimp and The Bun—UGK ft. Ron Isley
8. If That’s How You Feel—Z-Ro
9. International Player’s Anthem—UGK ft. Outkast
10. Georgia—Prynce
11. Gorgeous—Gucci Mane
12. Jupiter’s Critic and The Mind of Mars—DJ Quik and Kurupt



I know a lot of people probably look at my whole thing with Mandarin-language music and the bands I'm constantly splurging about and go "oh yeah look it's another indie band cribbing the western indie formula. cool, how exciting." That's probably a valid assessment of certain bands, but Bad Daughter's second and final album is not just good among Taiwanese indie pop, it's hands down one of the best indie pop records I've ever heard. Every song on this album is pretty much perfectly constructed, the sentimentality is never laid on too thick, and despite some of the tracks being relatively long for pop songs, they never overstay their welcome. There hasn't been an indie pop record this good out of Taiwan since it was released in 2003 and unfortunately this was Bad Daughter's final record before disbanding in 2006. So listen to it because it is amazing ok.


Friday, June 5, 2009

People - People(1994)

People was an Israeli death/grind/other stuff band from Israel. They formed in 1992, recorded this demo in 1994, broke up, then as far as I know never participated in any other projects. The demo is a comedy mashup of death/grind and some bizarre samples. To my ears, it's similar to Dripping - Disintegration Of Thought Patterns... only without trying to be serious. It's also sort of reminiscent of some of the stuff that Czech bands like Contrastic and Four Seats For Invalides put out more recently. Listen to this if you want some laughs.

People - People(1994)

Les Calamités - C'est complet

Les Calamités were a group of teenage girls who made french pop tracks during the 1980s in a yé-yé/60s English pop style, including covers of 'the kids are alright', 'teach me to shimmy', and 'the boy from new york city'. This cd collects their entire 16-song catalogue, with their minor hit in the French charts, 'Velomoteur', full of infectious, naive, happy pop fun.


M.O.P. - Best Of/Rarities.

Hey yall. I was plowing through some of my archives and I found these homemade M.O.P. compilations I made back as a young cryme in 2002. If you aren't familiar with M.O.P. they are the hardest and realest in the biz, and these comps have some of their best work. If you are familiar with them, these comps have a few rarities/b-sides/compilation tracks/remixes that you probably haven't heard (including some dumb Handle Ur Bizness mix i made that alternates between the original version and the primo remix). All of it bangs, so grab this shit!

Vol. 1:

Vol 2: