Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MPB Megapost

OK here's a bunch of stuff. Peep my thread in PHIZ if you don't know what MPB is or if you're just curious as to whether or not it's your thing, I posted a bunch of youtubes so please check it out and respond!! Get all of these if you do like it because they're all goddamn fantastic.

Caetano Veloso - Caetano Veloso (Tropicália)

Paulinho Da Viola - Nervos De Aço de

Nara Leão - Dez Anos Depois

Part 1
Part 2

Tom Zé - Estudando o Samba o

Jorge Ben - Solta o Pavão o Pavã

Jorge Ben - África BrasilÁfrica

Chico Buarque - Construção

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


These three albums are quite different but all have elements of punk and pop in them; while ALL has even been referred to as "orthodox pop-punk" I don't think any of them sound much like each other, or like pop-punk is "supposed" to sound. Definite rock influence in Chisel (featuring Ted Leo of Ted Leo And The Pharmacists) and hardcore influence in Hellbender (featuring Al Burian of Milemarker/Burn Collector zine).

The ALL record is a live album of mostly their best stuff. This was Hellbender's 2nd album; I haven't heard the first (eponymous) album and didn't like the "indie" (1998 incarnation of the word) direction of their followup (final) album, Con Limon, quite as much. This is Chisel's first record of two and I don't have the other one, think I'll get that now.

Uh yeah anyway three records that I reacquired recently and wanted to share that's all is that so wrong.

ALL "Trailblazer"

Hellbender "Footprint Of The American Chicken"

Chisel "8 AM All Day"

Sunday, May 24, 2009

S.O.B. More Japanese Hardcore

Compared to Death Side, S.O.B. is heavier, angrier, and noiser. More great Japanese hardcore from the late 80s and early 90s. 

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Death Side - Japanese Hardcore

Death Side is Japanese hardcore from the late 80s and early 90s. Fast, heavy, angry music, these albums might sound familiar if you know Paintbox, another project some of the members joined.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


brazilian band, not much information on them really, but this is a great record. its like a mix of bossa jazz and samba with some african riddims! nice horns, acoustic guitar and even some berimbau thrown in there. its a good summer album so check it out

1. consolacao  (2.50)
2. nana  (2.22)
3. se chegou assim  (3.04)
4. kenya  (3.04)
5. zulus  (3.18)
6. clouds  (2.40)
7. adriana  (1.38)
8. garota de ipanema  (2.36)
9. jangal  (2.34)
10. berimbau   (2.39)
11. congo  (3.28)
12. java  (3.15)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Beefeater and Hammerhead

Precise hardcore/post-hardcore. Should appeal to fans of Minutemen.

Hammerhead is noise rock. Zenith Factory is probably their best song, and duh, the big city has a noiser, less straightforward and driving sound than into the vortex. 


For those unfamiliar with him, Moondog was one of the most unique, and enigmatic musical figures of the twentieth century. He lived as a street musician in New York for 20 years, dressing only in his homemade clothes, an homage to Thor, and playing instruments he created.
His music can be described as a mix of classical and Jazz, with occasional spoken word poetry. You have to hear it to appreciate how amazing it is.

A few collections of his recordings:
Moondog (1969)
More Moondog/Story of Moondog
Moondog (1959)

Cherubs - Heroin Man

Cherubs released some great albums, and Heroin Man is no exception. This is hard, heavy noise rock, and though it's not one of my favorite albums, it's difficult to not appreciate the level of brutality these guys achieved on tracks like Wornout Balls. There's definite trance elements on this album; many songs are structured with a deep, pounding noise/sludge background and built up with slight variations and freakin' angry vocals. Weird, wild. 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Los Super Elegantes - Channelizing Paradise

ok their website makes a few things pretty clear about these guys (well, girl and guy and backing band):
-they aren't a band, they are an 'International art performance and music group.'
-they might take themselves a bit too seriously

but whatever, it's good pop with some 'latin' feel. i dont know how to describe music, listen to it on their website instead (second album on the page). i recommend the waves (no not wavves), its my favorite.
and download it here

heres an article on them in nylon click

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Deadguy - Fixation On A Coworker

Continuing with the metalcore theme, here's Deadguy, who gets namedropped a lot in conjunction with a few other bands but definitely had a unique sound from the staples of the genre. This album came out on Victory(!) and was anything but characteristic of the "Victory Sound" at the time. Heavy later-era Black Flag influence, esp. in the vocals, and bands like Human Remains (who shared members) and Dillinger Escape Plan clearly took some cues from these guys. A term that was once used was "chaotic hardcore". This is their only real full-length, afterward two members split to form Kiss It Goodbye (two Deadguy EPs were later recorded with other members).

(Victory, 1995)


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cave In - Beyond Hypothermia

First Cave In album. Actually it's a collection of their early EPs and whatnot. This is that good metalxxxcore shit, not very fast but super moshy and...metally. I thought I might have lost perspective and misremembered it as being owns, but I listened to it today and it Owns.
(Hydra Head, 1998)


Monday, May 11, 2009

youve got FOETUS on you're breath

Hi. So i'm seeing that a lot of phiz has not been exposed to this lil fella by the name of James George Thirlwell, aka Jim Foetus, aka Clint Ruin, aka about a million other pseudonyms used over the past thirty years or so. He is in my opinion the greatest heroin success story of all time, having single-handedly created some of the most fascinating, challenging, and fun music under the 'industrial' umbrella. And I do mean single-handedly -- nearly all of his studio work is done solo.

Anyway i thought i'd share what i think are his three greatest albums: Hole, Nail and Thaw. Each brings together several different styles and genres, ranging from surf-rock to orchestral to manic industrial-tinged big-band. can't think of anything else to say here, so check 'em out!

[1984] Hole (2007 Remaster)

1) Clothes Hoist [3:25]
2) Lust For Death [3:38]
3) I'll Meet You In Poland Baby [4:50]
4) Hot Horse [3:31]
5) Sick Man [4:15]
6) Street Of Shame [3:28]
7) Satan Place [3:22]
8) White Knuckles [4:31]
9) Water Torture [3:50]
10) Cold Day In Hell [5:28]

[1985] Nail (2007 Remaster)

01) Theme From Pigdom Come
02) The Throne Of Agony
03) !
04) Pigswill!
05) Descent Into The Inferno
06) Enter The Exterminator
07) DI-1-9026
08) The Overture From Pigdome Come
09) Private War
10) Anything (Viva!)

[1988] Thaw

01) Don't Hide It Provide It
02) Asbestos
03) Fin
04) English Faggot / Nothin Man
05) Hauss-On-Fah
06) Fratricide Pastorale
07) The Dipsomaniac Kiss
08) Barbedwire Tumbleweed
09) ¡Chingada!
10) A Prayer For My Death

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Made this for a friend, figured I might as well post it because I already had it on Mediafire and I'm lazy. Playlist of late 70's-mid 80's hardcore, decent mix of well known bands and more obscure stuff. I have records by all these bands so if you want their full length stuff leave a comment and I'll put it up.

Track list is:

Zero Boys - Vicious Circle
Poison Idea - It's an Action
Jerry's Kids - I Don't Belong
Deep Wound - Video Prick
Really Red - I Was A Teenage Fuckup
No Alternative - Dead Men Tell No Tales
Necros - Conquest For Death
JFA - Out Of School
Marginal Man - Pandora's Box
Dicks - Little Boy's Feet
Ghost Dance - Shrunken Heads
Void - No Rules
United Mutation - Fugitive Family/Plain Truth
Chronic Sick - Dress Code
Misfits - We Bite
Die Kreuzen - Fuckups
Domino Theory - Scare
Adolescents - Word Attack
Septic Death - Never Trust
Koro - Selfless
Angry Samoans - Steak Knife
Battalion of Saints - Hell's Around the Next Corner
Meatmen - 1 Down 3 To Go
Big Boys - I'm Sorry
Hugh Beaumont Experience - Moo
Gray Matter - Head

loud fast rules

dot(.) Doom/Sludge

Downloaded the Electric Weedland demo and it was frickin' heavy, so I decided to get a few more from dot(.) Crushing into pulp your internet desires... dot(.) is Japanese doom with some sludge. More toward the doom side than sludge.  Electric Weedland is my pick of these two.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Larry Levan

A ton of Disco mixed by the Legend himself. Not everything he did, but close enough. I'll complete the collection with my own vinyl later.


Monday, May 4, 2009


Here's (almost) everything J Dilla produced for other people. I'll upload his solo stuff later but y'all probably have it

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Amparanoia - La Vida Te Da

do y'all like semi-authentic 'latin' music (the lead singer is friends with manu chao LOL!)? cause i do!

preview tracks here i guess: Link


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sludge/Doom/Crust/Italian Metal (WTC??)

I was going to make a post last week, and I uploaded some albums then forgot about the post. Now I don't remember what the post was going to be or how I was tying these in together so here's a grab bag of some stuff! 
sorry for the shit formatting apparently im stupid
Corrupted - Se Hace Por Los Suenos Asesinos  Japanese sludge/doom. Acoustic work blended in with the normal sludge and doom, a lil' bit of drone. Atmospheric, at most cubic. 

Horrid - Reborn In Sin  I was lounging around in my CALIFORNIA HOME just, you know, chilling around, like. And my friend was like, "dude, what this dank ass italian 
metal which i'm not entirely sure how to classify?" I was like, "Man it's horrid, it's hecka dank let's queue up the guy from seinfeld to play some slap bass,"
 and he did, and it was fantastic.

Aldebaran - Dwellers in Twilight  Doom, with a succulent sludge smattering. According to the guy who wrote their description, "Aldebaran’s music can be described as crushing blackened doom," so if you were wondering, yes, 
you can call it crushing blackened doom. Hog wild.

Police Bastard - Doom  I'll add traumatized later too! Excellent crust

Dust Noise - Healthy Filthy Noise Attack 7"  Noise crust. Packaged in laminate studded with granular excrement. 

Was also gonna have some G.I.S.M but I think I'll do another post with them and some Confuse stuff in a while! Later, alter.