Friday, June 5, 2009

People - People(1994)

People was an Israeli death/grind/other stuff band from Israel. They formed in 1992, recorded this demo in 1994, broke up, then as far as I know never participated in any other projects. The demo is a comedy mashup of death/grind and some bizarre samples. To my ears, it's similar to Dripping - Disintegration Of Thought Patterns... only without trying to be serious. It's also sort of reminiscent of some of the stuff that Czech bands like Contrastic and Four Seats For Invalides put out more recently. Listen to this if you want some laughs.

People - People(1994)

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  1. This music is trash. It has no meaning. Country Music has good songs with meaning and great songwriters. Willie Nelson was a great songwriter. And Patsy Cline the best vocalist!