Sunday, October 4, 2009

Novos Baianos & 2 Afro-Cuban Albums

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Look how fucking happy all those dudes & ladies are on that album cover! Why? you might ask. Because you're an idiot who don't know shit from shit, sherlock! Lol, just jokin' mate, calm down, man.

In any case, in our last MPB installment, guess who was criminally not represented? Only the greatest band of all time, NOVOS BAIANOS. And Acabou Chorare is their masterpiece. I have no qualms saying that it's probably the best album of the 70's anywhere (cos I've listened to them all, I post on a blog ya know!).

So here's a selection of my 3 fave Novos Baianos albums:

Acabou Chorare (1972) (Mediafire)
Self-titled (1974) (Mediafire)

Caia na Estrada e Perigas Ver (1976) (Mediafire)

And just cause I feel really nice, here are two fantastic Afro-Cuban albums, one of them called "Afro-Cuban." Holy shit, Bono!

Kenny Dorham - Afro-Cuban (1955) (Mediafire)
Ray Barretto - Acid (1968) (Mediafire)

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