Monday, May 11, 2009

youve got FOETUS on you're breath

Hi. So i'm seeing that a lot of phiz has not been exposed to this lil fella by the name of James George Thirlwell, aka Jim Foetus, aka Clint Ruin, aka about a million other pseudonyms used over the past thirty years or so. He is in my opinion the greatest heroin success story of all time, having single-handedly created some of the most fascinating, challenging, and fun music under the 'industrial' umbrella. And I do mean single-handedly -- nearly all of his studio work is done solo.

Anyway i thought i'd share what i think are his three greatest albums: Hole, Nail and Thaw. Each brings together several different styles and genres, ranging from surf-rock to orchestral to manic industrial-tinged big-band. can't think of anything else to say here, so check 'em out!

[1984] Hole (2007 Remaster)

1) Clothes Hoist [3:25]
2) Lust For Death [3:38]
3) I'll Meet You In Poland Baby [4:50]
4) Hot Horse [3:31]
5) Sick Man [4:15]
6) Street Of Shame [3:28]
7) Satan Place [3:22]
8) White Knuckles [4:31]
9) Water Torture [3:50]
10) Cold Day In Hell [5:28]

[1985] Nail (2007 Remaster)

01) Theme From Pigdom Come
02) The Throne Of Agony
03) !
04) Pigswill!
05) Descent Into The Inferno
06) Enter The Exterminator
07) DI-1-9026
08) The Overture From Pigdome Come
09) Private War
10) Anything (Viva!)

[1988] Thaw

01) Don't Hide It Provide It
02) Asbestos
03) Fin
04) English Faggot / Nothin Man
05) Hauss-On-Fah
06) Fratricide Pastorale
07) The Dipsomaniac Kiss
08) Barbedwire Tumbleweed
09) ¡Chingada!
10) A Prayer For My Death

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  1. Shiiiiit , I bought these RECORDS new!
    Am I old now?

    Still NOTHING like him.
    he did come from Australia you know! ran as fast as he could!