Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sludge/Doom/Crust/Italian Metal (WTC??)

I was going to make a post last week, and I uploaded some albums then forgot about the post. Now I don't remember what the post was going to be or how I was tying these in together so here's a grab bag of some stuff! 
sorry for the shit formatting apparently im stupid
Corrupted - Se Hace Por Los Suenos Asesinos  Japanese sludge/doom. Acoustic work blended in with the normal sludge and doom, a lil' bit of drone. Atmospheric, at most cubic. 

Horrid - Reborn In Sin  I was lounging around in my CALIFORNIA HOME just, you know, chilling around, like. And my friend was like, "dude, what this dank ass italian 
metal which i'm not entirely sure how to classify?" I was like, "Man it's horrid, it's hecka dank let's queue up the guy from seinfeld to play some slap bass,"
 and he did, and it was fantastic.

Aldebaran - Dwellers in Twilight  Doom, with a succulent sludge smattering. According to the guy who wrote their description, "Aldebaran’s music can be described as crushing blackened doom," so if you were wondering, yes, 
you can call it crushing blackened doom. Hog wild.

Police Bastard - Doom  I'll add traumatized later too! Excellent crust

Dust Noise - Healthy Filthy Noise Attack 7"  Noise crust. Packaged in laminate studded with granular excrement. 

Was also gonna have some G.I.S.M but I think I'll do another post with them and some Confuse stuff in a while! Later, alter.

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