Sunday, March 29, 2009

Drag The River

Drag The River is/was/were a bunch of dudes in Colorado who used to be in punk bands and decided "hey! lets make some awesome music to get drunk to in the bed of a pickup!"
The group's lineup is kinda fluid, but somehow the sound is pretty consistent throughout their discography. The biggest point of continuity is lead singer Chad Price's vocals. Though he's got a good range, most of the time he's found in the same blend of croon and lament, sounding like he's just finished a fifth of bourbon.
This is starting to sound like they make sad music, they don't! A lot of it is music that makes you want to go out and hang with your dudebros at the lake!

if yuo download only one alt-country/rock/cowpunk album this year, make it one of these!

If you only get one, maybe you should get the live album just because i think their music translates a lot better to live performance. Maybe it's just that they're looser, but I suspect it's partly just the recording quality, because I prefer their demos to their newer studio stuff.

Live at The Starlight
Hey Buddies...

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