Friday, March 27, 2009

Prurient/Grunt and The Grey Wolves

I'm not good with descriptions, so this is minimal. If you like the genre a quick LMJGTY will give you much better descpriptions. Also, originally I was going to put a Skullflower album and something from Survival Unit here too but those are over 100megs  and I forget my filedropper account at the moment so maybe tomorrow mark your calendars

Prurient/Grunt - Split. Power electronics and really harsh noise. Grunt leans more towards power electronics, prurient more towards noise and drone

The Grey Wolves - Division. More power electronics/death industrial or whichever label you prefer. Super distorted voices speaking in various languages over super distorted noise. 


edit: here's Survival Unit - Continuity i don't like rapidshare but i'll put up that skullflower album later too

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