Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Everybody on this record was either in Corm or Q and Not U — or both — which is exactly what it sounds like. Post-dates Corm by a year and predates No Kill No Beep Beep by two or three, so this sounds even more like “a record that should be on Dischord” than, like, the Bluetip record that’s basically named that. If you like Q and Not U this record should be a real interesting and maybe informative listen (because you can see how NKNBB was a huge step forward for these guys, which it itself doesn’t sound like — this is also why you should listen to that Ris Paul Ric record!!). If you like Corm then, well, this really really sounds like Corm, so hey!

FURTHER DISCUSSION: How the fuck can the guitars in “Atop This Anchor” be so sick but not sound like they’re complicated or hard until you actually concentrate on listening to them? God DAMN it! NOBODY did skittery and dissonant like Dischord also-rans!!! LET’S ALL TRAVEL BACK TO 1993 AND SEE HEROIN AND CANDY MACHINE PLAY A SHOW :( :( :( :( :( :(


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