Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Assorted Sludge (Noothgrush, Cavity, Fistula/Fistula offshoots)

Cavity - Supercollider   Cavity released lots of good material, and I would put up more if it weren't relatively easy to find. If you like Supercollider, there's plenty more available. Their earlier material shows the influence of hardcore a lot more clearly. Anyway, thick riffs, lots of aggression, and overall just an excellent sludge release. 

Noothgrush - Erode the Person  This is my favorite sludge album. In addition to being ridiculously heavy and having cool riffs, it's varied and can't be pinned down to just sludge. Some tracks, like Deterioration, break down into laid back, smooth instrumental "noodling" which only magnifies the fantastic, br00tal sludge before and after. 

Fistula and assorted Fistula-related bands:

Fistula - Burdened By Your Existence and Idiopathic  Dirty, heavy sludge. It chugs along crushing everything in its path etc etc etc well anyway this is generally slow, traditional sludge with lots of slowed down, chugging riffs. 

Ultralord - We Hate You and Hope You Die  Faster, much thrashier sludge featuring some people from Fistula! Lots of songs transition from thrash to slow, sludgy riffing and vice versa. Most of their riffs are great, and they don't sound like a shitty fusion band either. 

Accept Death - Accept Death Definitely the quote heaviest unquote Fistula related band. A Slow Funeral for a Life Time of Suffering is a particularly neat song. Super slow riffs and drumming form a constant base, and on top of that are plenty of good sampled/non-sampled vocals and guitar work. 

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