Saturday, April 4, 2009

London Posse - Gangster Chronicle (1990)

Probably the best UK rap album and only LP release from London Posse, Gangster Chronicle has remained a milestone in the often dull UK hip hop scene. With heavy reggae tinged beats and upront cockney vocals from Rodney P and the ragga-esque Bionic, it has an unforced feel, with a sound and style that was short lived and commercially unsuccesful. Unlike Hijack, Demon Boyz or Krispy 3, London Posse vocally stand out, apparently deciding to rap in their own accents whilst on an impromptu tour of America with Big Audio Dynamite, with the reggae influence reflecting the well established Caribbean communities and sound systems of London, many of the rap groups of the time developing out of sound systems. Rodney P has had numerous guest spots and collaborations and released a solo album in 2004, whilst Bionic (Mad Dog 20/20) produces and MCs his own drum n bass.