Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blyth Power - The Guns of Castle Cary

Formed by Joseph Porter (drummer for anarcho-punk staples Zounds and The Mob) in 1983, Blyth Power are an English anarcho-folk with a focus on history, historical literature, and English culture. Their 1991 release The Guns of Castle Cary is, in my opinion, their best release as it showcases their best historical writing and has their catchiest tunes. Of note is Animal Farm which sets the tone for the entire album with its driving fiddle. I should mention that I call it anarcho-folk only because I lack the musical background to accurately categorize it and it was born from the anarcho-punk community. Anyways, they're probably one of my favorite bands and I hope yall enjoy it:

Blyth Power - The Guns of Castle Cary

PS: I realize it's a shitty bitrate, but it wouldn't be anarcho-folk/punk without it!

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