Friday, April 24, 2009

Tokyo Electron Releases

Garage rock/punk. Originally Ryan Wong (Reatards, Destruction Unit, Sexual Slurs) played all the instruments. He's since been joined by Steve Sleaze (also from Reatards and Sexual Slurs) and assorted others. I was impressed by the Make Me Bleed 7", so I got what I could of their material and it's all stellar. The Totally Shattered Euro Tour 7" has one song from Tokyo Electron, one from Reatards, and one from Angry Angles. Otherwise, it's all Tokyo Electron.

Tokyo Electron - Tokyo Electron

  1. Hangmans Song
  2. Electrify Me
  3. Theyll Come For You
  4. Yuma County
  5. Darkside
  6. Mis Ojos
  7. Make Me Bleed
  8. Dark Skin Lady
  9. Im Worthy
  10. I Cant Have You
  11. When You Hear Me
  12. Down On The River
Make Me Bleed 7"
  1. Make Me Bleed
  2. Take It Like A Man
  3. Its Love ...
  4. Coming Around For You
Will Put A Charge In You 7"
  1. Innocent
  2. The Burn In Hell
  3. Put A Charge In You
She Keeps Me Shut 7"
  1. She Keeps Me Shut
  2. Outta Control
  3. Everything I Hate
  4. Killin On My Mind
Totally Shattered Euro Tour 7"

1. Reatards - I Need You
2. Angry Angles - You Lied
3. Tokyo Electron - The Rub

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