Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nipples - James' Autumn & Sorry

Nipples were Taiwan's premier indie rock band and one of the most influential forces behind Taiwanese indie today. Named "Nipples" because they are "sometimes soft and sometimes hard," their style incorporates post-rock and lo-fi indie influences to create indie-rock songs that are at some times delicate and at other times confrontational. James' Autumn, their first of two albums, is a fairly rough offering that was probably made on a pretty low budget but is full of great songs.

Their second and unfortunately final album, Sorry, is where their style is fully realized. The post-rock influence is more evident here than on James' Autumn, with the album centerpiece King of Comedy being an outright instrumental track (and a fantastic one at that). Singer KK's vocals can be difficult for some to get used to, but they are fairly subdued here and blend well into the fabric of the songs.

As a side note, KK also runs Taiwan's most prominent indie label, White Wabbit Records, which distributes a lot of American and other Western bands in Taiwan, in addition to a good deal of Taiwan's best groups. The label has its headquarters in the same facility as Taipei's premier independent venue, The Wall, which is a pretty cool place that my girlfriend saw Mogwai at the last time she was there (they didn't have any good shows while I was there noooo)

Nipples - James' Autumn

Nipples - Sorry

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