Wednesday, April 8, 2009


KARP (Kill All Redneck Pricks) were three angry young men from Tumwater, Washington, who formed a band in the early 90's and proceeded to blow out the eardrums of unsuspecting listeners for the remainder of the decade. Combining sludge metal, noise rock, hardcore punk, and the occasional pop hook, KARP recorded three albums for K, a bunch of singles for kill rock stars and Punk In My Vitamins, splits with Long Hind Legs and Rye Coalition, and eventually disbanded for unspecified reasons. Today I'm posting a bunch of rare stuff that's either OOP or was never released at all: their original demo tape, a rough early live recording, their track from the first Yo-Yo studios comp, a more polished live set recorded at a college radio station in 1996, and the Rowdy/Prison Shake 7", which is probably the best thing the band ever recorded. Bassist and vocalist Jarred Warren went on to play in The Tight Bros From Way Back When, Big Business, and the Melvins, and drummer Scott Jernigan went on to die in a boating accident in 2003.


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  1. I've been listening to Karp for YEARS and had no idea what their name stood for.I'm a lazy,lazy man.I only had half of this so thanks very much.Truly legendary stuff