Tuesday, April 21, 2009

chill brah - krautrock-y summertime cali on the roof post

Two albums to relax to. Enjoy yourself. Grab a nice specialty soda. Take your fixie down to the local park. Climb up some fire escapes & sit on a balcony. Watch the sunset. Expand your mind.

Arp - In Light

Alexis Georgopoulos (?) from San Fran. I loved this album when it first came out. "Potentialities" is my favorite song to drive to. Some reviewer said he sounds like a Cluster rip-off, but that guy's a fucktard who doesn't know his shit cos Cluster is a huge load of shit 'cept when they're bumming off'a Brian Eno & doesn't sound like this stuff anyway. Arp is more like a streamlined, minimal version of a Harmonia/Neu! collaboration. Sure, I guess it's a little bit simple, but don't we all need the simple things in life every once in awhile? Why do we always have to analyze every little thing? Can't we just let the notes, that melody, play over and over and over until a guitar crests over your eardrums like a wave?

But I digress ...

Ducktails - II c30

Tapes & loops, if Panda Bear wasn't so loud, if psych was twee, if your mom wasn't such a fucking bitch, this is what the world would sound like. Get out on your skateboard & cruise down Venice. Buy a corndog for a little kid, he deserves it. Stare up into the sun & smell the sea.

Arp - In Light [2007]

1 - San Tropez
2 - Potentialities
3 - The Rising Sun
4 - Fireflies on the Water
5 - Premonition of the Sculptor Steiner
6 - Odyssey (for Baz Jan Ader)
7 - Potentialities 2

download Arp In Light (mediafire)

Ducktails - II c30 [2008]

A1 - Tropical Heat
A2 - Backyard
A3 - The Mall
A4 - Afternoons Tray Sliders
A5 - Boating
A6 - Island Flavor
B1 - Let's Rock the Beach
B2 - Status Quo
B3 - Udelco
B4 - Neptune City, NJ

download Ducktails II c30

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