Monday, April 6, 2009


SUBS are one of China's most energetic and exciting punk groups and also one of the few that are making music that isn't drawing heavily from 80's/90's tradition. Their music is distinctively modern and that's probably one of the most important reasons for their success. They've toured extensively since their formation in 2002 and are one of the few Chinese punk bands that have played in other continents. They're known for a furious live show led by female singer/screamer Kang Mao who generally surpasses most male punk vocalists in China in terms of intensity. (also of note: their drummer is fellow Beijing band P.K.14's bassist)

This file contains all three of their releases (all EPs) to date:

SUBS Life (2004):

Down (2006):

我们没有走进二十一世纪(We Haven't Entered the 21st Century) (Tour Only, 2008):

SUBS Discography

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